Baden-Württemberg Photo:Ivana Kovačević

When we start the story of Germany, always first think to big cities, I do not know if it’s a case with you also!? If you narrow down the nature of the story, I remember the series “Black Forest Clinic” I watched that when I was a kid.
Why mention this? Because I am a few days ago had the opportunity to enjoy the landscapes of Germany and to take a fresh experience this state. I went back to the road full of impressions and good energy, and they are credited beautiful green landscapes I had the opportunity to explore.

Germany has at its disposal more than 150 routes, each representing different regions of the subject.

I recently read an article that inspired me on this journey, paraphrasing: tours in Germany offer an attractive mix of adventure and driving enjoyment. And that – tempo and length, as well as the theme of travel, you define yourself.
If you like to explore different areas, there is, for example, the German Alpine Road.
Lovers of history is recommended to put the end of the Limes. Craft items such as porcelain, glass, or clocks, may also be included in the routes.
Culinary routes leading to regional products such as wine, cheese or asparagus.

So I decided to go on this trip. Discovering Germany on his own, but in the right direction to me directed excursion routes.

The flight to Frankfurt, then by train to Heidelberg, the first place where I move my hiking tour. The idea is that a lot of walking, climb, ride a bicycle through a more green environment, which is in these areas more than fascinating.

German province Baden Württemberg is situated in the southwest of the country. Attractive thanks to the romantic cities, fairy tale castles, interesting sites, prestigious universities and phenomenal nature.
Heidelberg Castle is a popular tourist destination. The charming town located in the valley of the river Neckar, 78 kilometers from Frankfurt. He was lucky to remain spared from bombing in World War II but still exudes baroque charm.

Heidelberg Photo: Ivana Kovačević

Historical center is recognized through the narrow alleys, winding streets and beautiful squares. Image complements the beautiful castle Heidelberger Schloss which is located above the town.
Do majestic ruins of the castle is easily reached by cable car. The castle is surrounded by beautiful parks and gardens that fill the space between the old walls.

Heidelberger Schloss Photo: Ivana Kovačević

View from castle is really interesting. On one of the terraces of the city you serve in your palm. View will stop at the stone bridge from the 18th century, which was built over the river Neckar.
With the bridge will pass through the medieval gates that were once part of the city walls and enter the old part of the city.
The interesting thing is that in one of the cellars of the castle keeps largest wooden barrel that can accommodate about 221 000 l of wine.
Heidelberg university is the oldest in the territory of Germany.

Within the old faculty is very unusual and unique prison for students.
From the 18th to the 20th century, students were imprisoned here if you did not behave as required by the order (most was closed because of intoxicated state).
In one of the museums that are located here, you can see the first bike in the world. Invented by Karl Drais, who is also a graduate of the University of Heidelberg.

The first bike Photo: Ivana Kovačević

My hiking starts early in the morning. On my way to follow up the river Neckar Baden-Wurttemberg. The river knows that flood area and that’s the real big problems. This time of year is calmer, charm and I enjoyment of the monitor.
By the way I come encounter a large number of castles. Located on the hills, surrounded by nature unreal. Green feels the eyes, the body regenerates and thought you wander and relax, although there are hills to which it is not easy to climb.

Hirschhorn Photo: Ivana Kovačević

Well-marked trails, signs that provide information and instructions where to go should you move in visible positions. When the road is too narrow and barely there, poles and fences, which is furnished gives you the ability to easily adjust.
It is not difficult to imagine the beautiful nature, waterfalls, streams, cinematic landscapes …

Nature Photo: Ivana Kovačević

One of the castles that we are on a journey, and near the Neckarmühlbach is Guttenberg. For centuries, it has a population of families in whose possession since the day it was built.
The current owner took me on a tour, and one of the most impressive room certainly is a museum located in the castle of her great-great-great-grandfather did. In the museum you can see some very interesting things.
What I really liked is a large collection of books made of wood. The covers are made of wood, which carry the name of the book.
When you open the book, it includes fruit, bark and everything that tree is characterized. It came to him as a forerunner of the herbarium “aristocrats way,” a very sophisticated and elegant.
The castle also has specimens of birds (mostly predators) from all over the world. I had the opportunity to see how they train and take a look at the show with the participation of all the birds. They look great and powerful and when spread their wings while .. – Watch your head!

Neckarmühlbach Photo: Ivana Kovačević

Throughout the journey, wherever I happened to be, the food was more than good. Nice portion sizes (you get hungry a lot and fast because of the activities), nicely decorated, and the taste … fingers licking whether it comes to soup, main dish or dessert.

The next stop along the river was my Bad Wimpfen. The city is located on a hill, on the hill above the river Neckar and looks unreal. Coming late in the afternoon, so little vacation, great dinner and walk to the jailer of the city in the evening, when everyone is asleep …

Bad Wimpfen Photo: Ivana Kovačević

In each of the cities that I circled, tourist guides were more than professional, full of useful information that you can get only from locals. Most of these data, stories, legends and anecdotes there is no way to find the net.
He really did try to help conjure up and to explain the history of their town, to tell interesting stories and give you an unusual way of presenting history. Feel free to fall in love with their hospitality, warmth and sincere smile.
So it was with a guide/night watchman in the town of Bad Wimpfen. Simply, I was thrilled. Charming older gentleman who speaks excellent English and that his uniform fits into this fairy-tale castle.

Night watchman city Bad Wimpfen Photo: Ivana Kovačević

We walked the narrow streets while the city sleeps, passed by the tower located in the heart of the city, went to the castle and visited him inside and then escorted me easy walk to the hotel.
Lovely evening.

The next day I put leads to Gunzenhausen in Bavaria. Unspoiled nature, healthy air, cultural richness and pleasant lifestyle Bavarians are its distinctive sign.
A paradise for people looking for a break, but also for recreational athletes because of the many crystal clear lakes and rivers, national parks and many protected natural areas.

Altmühlsee Photo: Ivana Kovačević

In addition, visitors are attracted to the traditional Oktoberfest events. I was visiting the city the day before the events started but enough to heat.
Around the city there are a number of lakes. For all ages there are many contents. My choice was riding an electric bike. The first time I was driving this bike. I must tell you that it is a very good and powerful feeling to easily rotate the pedals, and he rushes like mad.
Arrival in Eichstatt and slowly drizzle begins to fall. More or less it was overcast during all day, but that day, the first time it rains since I started.
The town is small and cute, the unemployment rate was 0.3%. Most are employed in a car factory next to the city, and small businesses in the city have a problem with insufficient manpower.
I know, hard to believe but it exists.

Around the city there is a path that is only part of a much longer trekking routes. Again, nature, peace and tranquility. I loaded the batteries and I hope that I will succeed for a while it accumulates.

Eichstätt Photo: Ivana Kovačević

Last on the route before departure from Munich to Belgrade was Regensburg. A city that is since 2006 under the protection of UNESCO.
Regensburg is considered by many the most beautiful medieval city of Germany.
Considering that it is built in stone, the building retained the authenticity. Cultural life in Regensburg is great as it is a diverse city. Here, combines traditional and modern elements.

Regensburg Photo: Ivana Kovačević

The old town of the city is best visited on foot, walk the beautiful streets or go down to the river and a bridge to cross over the Danube. Medieval stone bridge is the pride of the city. Currently being reconstructed, so I could not see it at its best.
In the old part of Regensburg, near the Cathedral St,Peter, located on the northern city gate. Cathedral St.Peter is a masterpiece of gothic architecture.
It is also specific in that it contains a statue of the angel who laughs.

Oddly enough, the first time I have nothing to say at the end. I find no words to gather impressions. This tour is so magnificent and unusual, full of adrenaline and tranquility, unusual romantic landscapes, the only thing I can say is:

By: Ivana Kovačević