Photo: Ivana Kovačević

The journey is always nicer in pairs, and today I present to Copenhagen from “two perspectives”: how my boyfriend Stevan and I experienced the magic of the Danish capital.

My first thought when we stepped on the streets of Copenhagen was …

S: Not many urban as I thought.

I: There is a large and spacious.

One characteristic of the city becouse I immediately moved in Copenhagen … 

S: Few vehicles on the streets and an enormous amount of bicycles.

I: Relaxed people.

Photo: Ivana Kovačević

What has disappointed you in Copenhagen?

S: It’s too expensive to live.

I: High prices.

To which place in Copenhagen would immediately took buddies / girlfriends, which is reserved for a better / stronger half, and why?

S: Mates I take on the Carlsberg pub for a great beer, a girl for a ride along the river bicycle.

I: Girlfriends in the shopping street Stroget, where a large number of stores and shops with the designer wardrobe, a boy riding a bike in the city and the street market on good food.

Photo: Ivana Kovačević

When you say “Copenhagen” first think of the bike, a little buzzer or a beer?

S: Cycling beer.

I: Think how to ride a bicycle through a beautiful and large park, near the Round Tower, the Amalienborg Palace, Nyhaven canal, Rosenborg castle, botanical gardens, and when I get tired on a good glass of beer.

The bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö is for you an architectural marvel or just a tourist attraction?

S: Awesome architectural marvel located in the moreus Eresund, and demonstrates the power of the developed north of Europe.

I: Architectural wonder and tourist attraction. We went by bus and train across the Eresund bridge-tunnel connection and really powerful.

Photo: Ivana Kovačević

Is it difficult to withstand the winter and whether it is a good standard strong enough motive to help, despite the climate is always warm?

S: Winter did not prevent me to go around the city and enjoy all the charms that Copenhagen has to offer, whether indoors or outdoors. A price freeze you, immediately.

I: Copenhagen has a lot to offer and I really enjoyed, but the south is south, always.

Why should immediately go to the Copenhagen market, which is why it should immediately to escape?

S: At the market, I have only fruits and vegetables, food and puff pastry and sweets there from all over Denmark. At the market, the culture of a city and its people best acquainted and see. Market in this region of Europe is indoors, but prices do not allow long retention. Locals use it for a short break to eat.

I: I really love going to the market. Their small, urban, fleshed out and it spreads the scent of sweet rolls and cinnamon. The specialty is their “open sandwich” with salmon. One breakfast (ordinary) for two and drink a cup of coffee costs the same as big dinner with a lot of drinks in Belgrade.

Photo: Ivana Kovačević

Why Christiania must be on the list of mandatory stop anyone who plans a trip to Copenhagen?

S: It does not have, or need, and that kind of fun to see and experience. City within a city. The true hippie commune.

I: Reggae music, relaxed people drink and all sorts of opiates in the neighborhood by the river. I’m still the Tivoli park, if it is to be elected, for my, that is fun.

What has left the biggest impression in the new part of Copenhagen?

S: Copenhagen on water and opera house are very good architectural design, in that part would not live without thinking.

I: I like Copehagen contrast, a new part is definitely acceptable and attractive for life.

Poto: Ivana Kovačević

By: Ivana Kovačević