Dubai Photo: Ivana Kovačević

When I write about a some city or a country usually I do not think about what I write. I write and it just going. This was not the case with Dubai.

Why?! Because he’s not my cup of tea.

If you are a traveler, this destination will you be just another in a series, and, if you are the tourists, I believe that for you this will be the best destination in the world.

Dubai Photo: Zoran Stevanović

I love to visit colorful and full content places. Where can a lot to see where I go for a walk in the morning and come back home in the evening with pain in the muscles again because I overreacted. Curiosity will someday come head.

Well, you get the idea, Dubai is not one of those trips, but let me tell you my impressions.

At the airport when we land, await you kilometers of traffic jams. I think we stayed in line for about three hours, we landed a little before midnight. Of course, before you start, you must provide a visa. It is about 50 euros if you are taking before the trip, and if you pay at the airport will get nearly three times more expensive.

Architecture in Dubai is evolving at lightning speed. Most world-renowned architects left a mark here in the desert.

The oil industry still holds primacy and most developed economy, but tourism the rapid pace catches.

Dubai Photo: Ivana Kovačević

If you need to explain in one word Dubai it would definitely be – foppery. It surrounds you whatever way you’re watching .

The tallest structure in the world that a man has done is in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa. It has 160 floors and if you want to visit it and to climb, you need to book tickets over the net, it is cheaper and then you are sure that you will climb.Ticket price is almost twice as expensive if you buy on the spot, or at the counter in the Dubai Mall.

It can happen when you finally come to order the purchase of the first next free card is only for a few days. If you already can choose, select dates before sunset. During the day you will only see the cranes, the evening is a sight more beautiful because everything sparkles and shine and skyscrapers light up in the right light.

Burj Khalifa Photo: Ivana Kovačević

Most of the time people spend here in the shopping centers. One of them is the Dubai Mall, which is linked to the tallest building in the world. Definitely, in Dubai, life goes on in these places. Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are located within the shopping center. I can not say that it is not nice to see and visit, but I do not belong to the group of girls who go abroad based on purchasing so for me this was just come in, out and over.

Dubai mall Photo: Zoran Stevanović

Around the shopping center and Burj Khalifa are fountains that look really impressive. Every night between 18 and 22 hours water cannon with music dancing fairy tale. If you were in Barcelona and visited the magic fountains, which are second to none, then you can sit on the side in one of the restaurants and cafes that overlook the fountains and a midnight snack or a drink to relax and enjoy them.

Do not forget that you are in a Muslim country, alcohol is strictly forbidden here you will not find at the mall and shops, only in hotels and restaurants that dispensing must have a special permit. Also, you should pay attention to how to dress in public places that would not offend the local population. The basic rules that must be followed, concerning the behavior falls and is holding hands, kissing, hugging and exchanging and expressing tenderness unacceptable.

Although Dubai is one of the modern cities, it’s still ruled by Sharia law.

When it comes to food, taste buds will enjoy. Dubai is a cosmopolitan and multinational environments (20% of the total population are Arabs), and you will encounter a variety of world cuisine. You can eat good Iraqi, Indian, Lebanese, Mexican, Philippine, Moroccan, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, Italian. Price range varies as well as the richness of taste.

Dubai is a safe city with 0.2% of crime does not need to be afraid that someone will rob you.

Since it is an incredibly large and is not intended for walking between different locations (heat, every step of the construction site), the best way to move from one place to another is by taxi. The price is more than acceptable.

Overground metro, which is extremely futuristic done, it can also be one of the solutions for the transport of the city. Rules are the Japanese so it is no wonder it is perfect. Of course, there are rolling stock exclusively for women and are clearly marked.

Dubai Photo: Zoran Stevanović

Mall of the Emirates, is widely known for its ski resort and interesting IBN Battuta Mall, which is named after their famous travel writer, composed of six units that represent the Andalusia, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India and China worth a visit even if you are not the mood for shopping.

A little luxury: Dubai has about 100 000 hotel rooms, and all hotels are competing among themselves in appearance, the interior, courtesy.

Dubai Photo: Ivana Kovačević

Artificially formed islet located hotel with seven star Burj Al Arab. The most luxurious hotel in the world. In this building you can not just walk, but you must have a reservation and be appropriately trained. The cheapest is 50 euros per person for afternoon tea. Yes there are expensive but the interior of the hotel is very interesting.

Burj Al Arab Photo: Zoran Stevanović

In close proximity is the Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Resembles a small Arab city. You can enjoy a walk or in the food and drink in restaurants.

Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island in the shape of palm trees, they planned a total of three. To Aquaventure Waterpark and Hotel Atlantis can be reached by monorail or a taxi through an underwater tunnel.

Photo: Zoran Stevanović

Atlantis hotel is situated at the top of palm trees and was the first building built in this palm. Every corner was arranged to perfection. Underwater aquarium and beach about 800 meters, are a good enough reason to pause here and enjoy the rest of your day.

Hotel Atlantic Photo: Zoran Stevanović

It is best to visit Dubai during the winter months when the temperature is optimal. But whenever you visit it, the beaches are great. There are beach parks that are subject to entry and where you have sun loungers, showers, bars … and the public beach where you will enjoy “only” in the sand and sea. On the beach you can enjoy long walks, extreme water sports and swimming.

Dubai Photo: Zoran Stevanović

Colorful part of Dubai’s for me is Bastakiya. If you like to explore and look around cultural attractions, the area is right for you. Count on it that you need a lot of time to defeat it. In it, there are many attractions from the period when Dubai was not one of the most popular cities in the world. You will enjoy walking through the old, narrow streets. Visit the bazaars and visit the museum. Much of the museum is actually made in the ground, this is the best you can learn about the history of Dubai and see how small bedouin village for a few decades into a wonder of the world and the most attractive tourist destination in the world. This city district differs greatly from the rest of modern Dubai, as if they were two completely different cities.

On one side of the canal is textile Souk and on the other side of Dubai Creek channel, which was once the main artery of the city is the spice souk and the gold souk belonging village Deira. If you want to get to know the real Dubai this is the perfect place. This part is not for the rich residents, here will meet only poor populations. In this open-air market selling gold, perfumes, spices. Gold souk to be seen, nothing special but we were amused and astonished by the amount of kitsch in one place. Not far from there is the spice Souk. I try to bring spices each trip so it was this time. When the home cook and add the spices I bought on various journeys I always smell and taste return back to that place.

Dubai Marina, an artificial canal, surrounded by skyscrapers. It stretches along the Persian Gulf. JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) beach is a public beach within the Dubai Marina. This is one of the few open spaces where you can walk. Along the promenade there are numerous restaurants cuisines from different parts of the world. Do not try to walk during the day, it will not be pleasant, but so much has been enjoying a stroll at night, when everything starts to shine, bright and alive.
Port is one of the two zones for pedestrians, so make the most of this opportunity in the marina, which is really beautiful.

Dubai Photo: Zoran Stevanović

Dubai is already quite back one of the most desert cities in the world. World famous oasis that is, regardless of cultural difference, tailored to the western way of life.

Dubai Photo: Zoran Steanović

If we put luxury and attractiveness of the site that I was not fascinated by the way, remains the hospitality and kindness of the population. Most airlines, which at the moment is flying from Belgrade to distant destinations has stops in Dubai. Maybe it’s a winning combination that you exit from the airport and look around the city for a couple of hours. Just to see if you need to engage a next time the adventure called Dubai or not.

Dubai attracts an enormous number of tourists, which is my personal position is concerned, it is not a city that has a soul.

By: Ivana Kovačević