Photo: Ivana Kovačević

There are some of those trips that I happen accidentally, Moscow is one of them. We had planned two more times in the next three months and then they come across cheap tickets to Moscow. And what I’m going, let’s go! It was the beginning of April, we hoped that not much cold, but it was.

Moscow has five airports, we we landed at Sheremetyevo and welcomes us snow and cold wind. The airport is connected by rail with the city so quickly we come to it.

We were aware that we will not be able to see all the sights for four days, but this is a city with more than 12 million inhabitants. For his tour of the indispensable well-designed plan that I made and hoped that it will serve us time, so we started immediately after placing in the research center.

The first encounter with what the metro. What you can see in the city is almost as nice as all below him, and in the Moscow subway. Cells are real galleries, museums. The walls are decorated with the finest marble, carved and painted to the finest detail. In any other metropolis this would be the last place we wanted to be, but the Moscow metro is a real art. He is a true architectural marvel. Numerous statues and monuments, reliefs, murals, mosaics, stained glass windows and antique chandeliers fascinating defy the rest of the metro council. Each station hides a different beauty, each is unique and hides different story, and some of them are protected by the state as an important cultural asset. Over the net, you can book a guided tour to visit with you all the relevant cells and tell you their story.

I must complain, the cells work old ladies who do not know any other language but Russian, so that itself buying day tickets is a problem. Another problem is if you can not read the Cyrillic alphabet, as I do not know. So my boyfriend got the opportunity to be our guide on this trip and I was a stowaway who followed him closely. What was not so bad.

At first glance, the capital of Russia did us a gray, depressed and gloomy, but as time went on we got used to the pale glow of one of the most expensive cities in the world. And if we talk about contemporary, modern city, one of the world centers, socialism is still really feels and sees everywhere. A lot of police on the streets. Cafes, shops, bakeries … look like they’re in a time machine. It’s not a negative impression. Perhaps it makes Moscow so much different than other cities. Here are the people in his own film.

Moscow Photo: Ivana Kovačević

When we talk about the Russian capital, in addition to the original expiration of its extraordinary beauty, you will often hear the comment that it is a very expensive city. And yes, it really is true. If you want to party in clubs, eating in restaurants and enjoy shopping malls must be willing to set aside a considerable sum of money. However, if the goal of your visit acquaintance and rapprochement with the city and its inhabitants, then you can go pretty well.

The most famous part of the city is certainly the Kremlin, to the complex in the center. It consists of four palaces, four churches, a dangerous red wall and serves as the official residence of the President of Russia. It looks very unique and powerful. It can not close even while waiting on the outside in line to buy a ticket to enter. Among the Kremlin walls there are churches, museums and imperial palaces, which have survived all the stormy weather. Wherever you look, the view framed history interesting architecture and a set of buildings that we heard about their story.

Red Square , Moscow Photo: Ivana Kovačević

Right next to the Kremlin, the Red Square is one of the most famous churches in the world, St. Basil’s Cathedral with its colorful domes. For the church, which is the hallmark of Moscow and the entire Russia, there is a story that after the completion of the former emperor Ivan the Terrible who also ordered its construction, the architect blinded to church remained unique in the world of work. The entry into it is paid symbolic, and when you go inside you can expect unusual architectural solutions that we really liked. In the middle part of the building on the first floor we found a male choir sang hymns. Very nice experience.

The buildings around the square are reminiscent of the socialist era, and Czarist Russia, but what is surprising is the huge influence of the West. American fast food restaurants, shops, the latest fashion brands, modern business centers have flooded this city which I thought was the capital of resistance to the West and Western culture.

Photo: Ivana Kovačević

Moscow is a city that is flooded with malls, a famous and oldest GUM located on Red Square near the Lenin Mausoleum.

GUM Photo: Ivana Kovačević

The interior GUM is a very interesting and thematically decorated. At a time when we were before Easter, it was a hot topic.

Interior GUM Photo: Ivana Kovačević

On Red Square is Lenin’s mausoleum, which is still, after so much time and political changes, perhaps the most visited tourist attractions in the city. There is exposed to Lenin’s embalmed body. Mausoleum keeps “Quiet Guard”. They are quiet, semi-frozen at minus that in those days was our everyday life.

China Town, the old shopping district winding streets of the 13th century, and the pedestrianized Arbat where Pushkin House is also to be visited.

You’re not going to Moscow not to go to the Bolshoi Theatre. If you are lucky like we were, and you are unable to purchase tickets through the net for some of the ballet or opera, during the day there are organized tours for a tour of the mansion. Bolshoi Theatre in Russian means Great theater, and yes, that’s it. Star is a 191 year and throughout history has repeatedly reconstructed or repaired due to fire or turbulent war history that is, the Soviet era. He is the best in Russia and is ranked among the world’s most prestigious theaters. Ahead of him in the first place, the Milan scala. No ballet or opera performances in the world is fascinating how many Russian and when you are in Moscow, do not miss to watch at least one. We attended the opera Rodelinda. I can not say that I enjoyed, but it was a fine experience. The opera was in Italian with a hand on monitors translated into Russian, I tried to understand, but … There are so many beautiful singing that I slept through the third act. I will remember the Bolshoi and your sleep in it forever.

Bolshoi Theatre Photo: Ivana Kovačević

Moscow is the city of wide streets and megalomaniac buildings, but the city of greenery and parks. This city compared to other European cities is the most green areas. Gorki Park or Park of Culture we are visited. It stretches over three kilometers along the river Moscow. When the weather is nice, many concerts and festivals are held just in this park.

Walking through the park you can enjoy the view to the monument to Peter the first, a monument in the shape of the bow of the ship on which stands the monarch from the time of Imperial Russia. Megalomaniac is great and everyone here.

Monument to Peter the First Photo: Ivana Kovačević

Across the river, the buildings that you very quickly caught the eye of the towers that carry the name “Seven Sisters”. This is a group of seven skyscrapers that were built during Stalin’s rule and are popularly called the Stalin skyscrapers.

Going to the market is one of our ritual wherever you travel. In Moscow’s Izmailovsky biggest street market, it can be easily accessible by subway, and on it you can find souvenirs at a much lower price than in the center, but did not work when we wanted to visit him.

That’s why we went to the Danilovsky market. They say here from all over Russia bringing fish, caviar, vegetables, fruits, cheeses and other product and make the best choice. An entire part of the markets with stalls and small restaurants where the food is prepared and where the site much more you can consume. Chow was more than excellent, we bought some of the foods you prepare the house for dinner. I very much liked a drink that is drunk as an aperitif and is called a balm made from various plants and grasses and moderately mild.

The next day was reserved for a visit to the park VDNH and Memorial Museum of the Cosmos.

This park anywhere in the world you will have the opportunity to see so if you are planning to visit the Russian capital this be sure to include on your list. This is a historical and architectural complex. It includes more than 500 permanent continent and 49 of them are objects of cultural heritage. From the very beginning of existence, the park’s laboratory in which the best Soviet architects, sculptors and artists experimented. He is also a prime location in the city for recreational activities, prominent cultural, gastronomic and sporting events. Each former republics of the Soviet Union here has its own pavilion where you can meet with her heritage, food and drink from these regions … Here are the lakes, museums, oceanarium, slides, and even a large passenger plane that has been converted into a cafe.

What I’m really very sorry, it is not a camera you can capture everything in this place you can see and experience because everything is huge and great and can not be transferred to the photo. We are frozen, but it was worth it.

Right next to the park is the Museum of the Cosmos. Fascinate you as you look at it from the outside but when you enter all be occupied.

Get ready to spend here about five hours, so time is needed for the whole tour. If until that time you were not a lover of space, spacecraft, the space shuttle, when you exit it, you will. This is one unique museum of its kind to be located inside a huge monument. Here they just do our best to show you and present a history of space exploration satellite and interplanetary flights. To become familiar with the many fun gadgets, what it looks like and what materials are used to build the spacecraft and everything to watch closely. Adventure that you will not be able to forget about telling people what they believed and were not afraid to dream and put everything on the line to make these dreams come true. People who have tried to do the impossible and succeeded against all odds. From constructor to the pilot.

I must emphasize that there are groups for children so this is an exciting adventure for everyone from 7 to 77th

Museum of the Cosmos Photo: Ivana Kovačević

When such a high-quality, beautiful and beyond all expectations spend a day not to leave you nothing other than to treat yourself and enjoy their traditional food. Borsch, borscht and cabbage cooked with smoked meat was more than delicious, and weft a standard good.

Borscht Photo: Ivana Kovačević

Moscow is wonderful and monumental, but it is also cruel to striking fear into the bones. Such a difference from anything you’ve previously seen and experienced crawled under the skin that you can not wait the day when you will visit the next time. I just hope, after the warmer weather.

By: Ivana Kovacevic