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I have long thought about what to tell you about Porto… How to describe it but it does not diminish its beauty?

There is no place I visited that I didn’t enjoyed it. Either I find something I’m love it, and yet, I have this problem in my mind to like some of the places that give them a place in my heart and on paper, the place they deserve. One of them is Porto.

Not to compare it to Lisbon, because they can not be compared, totally different in every way, and yet, Lisbon love you with all my being, and I’ll talk about him always with much fervor.

I do not know why I have not had the desire to describe Porto, which I visited three years ago. And it is certainly worth it.

Perhaps, remembering all over again, from this distance, I explain to you and me.

Porto at night Photo Ljubica Stevanović

I visited him in one of our big tour of the Iberian Peninsula. We arrived via La Coruna, but we certainly were two weeks on the road and I was tired. When you go on a journey, and when every three or four days, change the place of residence, then try to promptly overcome because you know that when a few weeks back home, images and scenes that you put into the memories remain for life and you have the impression that you’ve been on the road for months, so many things you have lived and experienced.

When I think of Porto think of the Gallic rooster is a symbol of the city. Legend said that on the first let the voice of and brought word that the city liberated from the Moors.

Porto means the port and the city name and country name derived from the word.

The old part of the city Ribery was listed in 1996 on the list of World Heritage Sites. Here time has stopped. On the walls of old houses and buildings of the mixture you in the mosaics tiles (azulejos style) and give the city a special charm. Walking the old town and its narrow streets descend the stairs to the river Douro.

Photo Ljubica Stevanović

Here on the north side of the river promenade and this is one of the most picturesque parts of the city, dotted with picturesque old houses from whose balconies and windows waved washed laundry out to dry, there is a large number of restaurants.

The promenade is full of bars and restaurants in the summer, when we visited the city, full of only about 19 hours. In any case, the pleasure is to sit here, although the tourist part of the city, and have a wine.

View will draw bridge Dom Luis I, constructed by the architect Gustave Eiffel (although official records say that though it was his partner rather than he himself) who constructed the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The view from the bridge is phenomenal.

Photo Ljubica Stevanvić

On the south of the river Vila Nova de Gaia are numerous wineries and cellars where you can taste the wine. Getting to the winery is interesting. You can cross over the bridge, others find the cable car (the fastest and simplest is the case) or by boats that sail on their winery and have a logo that lead you to taste.

The boats take you to wineries Photo Ljubica Stevanović

If you love wine, then this is the right side of the river for you. The wine Porto (I’m not a fan of this wine) is very sweet red wine with a higher alcohol content (about 20%).

But if you have a nice sunny day and a glass of wine in hand, what prevents you sit on the newly cut grass around the river and enjoy the views over the old part of the city across from you?

Look to the north side of the river Douro Photo Ljubica Stevanović

River not far from there flows into the Atlantic Ocean and the beginning part of this Foz, which is urban, much more modern, newer, with many parks. Otherwise, the transport in the city is good and true.

Photo Ljubica Stevanović

Atlantic Ocean, a standard cold … I can not, you can allow yourself to get wet, swimming here is only for the brave. But so golden sandy beach gives you many opportunities. From lounging and sunbathing to a variety of team sports that you can enjoy. Something for everyone.

Beach Photo Ljubica Stevanović

Before we went on the trip someone recommended me to try the local specialty “Francesinhas” we are dedicated headed into town to find a place where they can eat.

After a long search we found a local tavern, not to say the pub, where we tasted this dish. I like to try everything and I like to eat a lot, but this is for me too much. The dish is made by taking toast in which to put the bacon, then again a piece of toast bread over it, toasted, and then to put a piece of meat again, this puts a piece of toasted bread and then on it goes ham and so another few layers of everything.

Then this huge sandwich in cheese curls, go to the top egg and all that pours some of their red sauce and served with French fries.

Are you tired of just reading and imagination? Well, now imagine what it was like to eat …

Francesinha sandwich Photo thinkstock

Full stomach onto the street, barely breathing and running into guys who sing cheering songs. We approach them and ask where they are from and when the game is played. It turns out (end of August) that the club Porto is a new team for this season and to play a friendly match with neighbors Spain team “Celta Vigo”. The direction of the stadium. Estadio Do Dragao, big and beautiful, filled to the last seat. So much we fit into the atmosphere, we cheered, of course, the home team had a good time although they eventually lost – one to zero.

Dragao Stadium Photo Ivana Kovacević

The next day we go to the beach Espinho and the eponymous town, which is located 20 kilometers south of Porto, and a short ride by train or bus easily reach it.

This is a beautiful wide sandy beach with blue flag and is considered one of the best in this field. Long is 17 km and, although the peak season and very crowded, you can always find places.

The following day again enjoy Porto and try to walk as much as possible and find out every corner of this city.

Photo Ljubica Stevanović

Cathedral from whose terrace offers one of the best views of the city. The main market Liberdade located on the avenue. The main railway station Sao Bento, is a small and beautiful as the city itself. Its interior is decorated with preserved ceramic tiles that tell the history of the city.

Cafe “Majestic”, 95 years old, exudes a bohemian atmosphere and splendor of the kingdom which left a deep imprint on Porto. Bookstore Livraria Lello & Irmao, it is more difficult to pronounce the name of the old bookstore, built in 1906, recently declared a third of the world’s best bookstore. Rare are the lucky ones who managed to take pictures of the inside, as it is not allowed. When you stand in front, after its facade can not imagine what you expected there, and when you go … What you will have to check when you visit Porto. It is rumored that it is this bookstore inspired JK Rowling to think of the scenery for Harry Potter.

Bookstore Photo Ljubica Stevanović

We accidentally walks came across a cute little garden and a restaurant in which we sat down to lunch. Atlantic cod that in Portugal a lot of eating was wrapped in puff pastry and served with rice. To this day I remember the taste. It was really great grub.

The prices here are much lower than in other major cities of Europe. I can safely claim that prices are lower than ours.

The most beautiful in Porto are his people: humble, quiet, friendly and charming. On several occasions, we make sure of that. Explaining us to swing it when we were stopped to ask how to get to a site or part of the city. Pointing us in the best transport and where to catch . A one woman was not difficult to take us to the mailbox from where we wanted to send postcards home.

Photo Ljubica Stevanović

Porto has enough architecture and history to satisfy curious spirit, not missing a urban sophistication – the beautiful boutiques, restaurants, beaches and exciting nightlife. The charms of past times here do not fade, on the contrary, it will be available and can be found all around you.

Photo Ljubica Stevanović

By Ivana Kovačević