Photo: Ivana Kovačević

When I pay a sailing and when I in my head make advance the image and the story of how  will be, what will do there or what want to do, believe me, has nothing to do with what will really happen. A hundred times is better.

I had a desire to sail, my team, however share with me this wish, but we could not comply with the terms of the holiday season, not even the desire where the sailing could be capped so I in February (before the tourism fair in Belgrade) took a new force into my own hands, on the net I found a pair sailing companies send all mail and eventually chose what seemed to me most interesting.

August, Greece, Cyclades

Boarding the sailboat, meeting with the rest of the crew who will sail with us. Although we were warned  from our skipper to the Cyclades in the Aegean region in august knows that awful windy wish the whole team to go to Mykonos was bigger and stronger.

The first day, the smiles on our faces, high expectations and adrenaline. We sailed out to sea and headed towards Cape Sounion, which is the southern most point of the Attica peninsula in Greece. There are also the remains of the Temple of Poseidon. According to myth, at Cape Sounion King Aegeus waited for the return of his son Theseus fighting the Minotaur. Theseus on his return from the exhausting struggle forgot to deal with his father and has not replaced the black sails white, and King Aegeus saw the black sails, he thought that his son was dead and threw himself from the top of the cliff into the sea, which has since been called the Aegean.

Cape Sounion Photo: Ivana Kovačević

Dinner in the tavern on the beach and happy and satisfied go in bed that bobbing in the bay under the open sky.

I always consider myself a strong person, but you can not prove that it is not so. Although promising morning after a delicious breakfast on board we headed further into the adventure.

Do not eat a lot on the boat otherwise you will spend part of the road to the rear of the ship near the open sea with great nausea. I support that something bad always bring something good, so it was this time. Because of my condition unplanned we drop anchor to have lunch and rest on the island of Kythnos.

A small island where time stands still. Everything is relaxed, calm and work slowly. At one end of the island from the mountains down to the source of hot water. We are bathed in a place where a stream flows into the sea and the water is so hot that it is not durable to be more than five minutes in the water. I can only imagine that the water then heat at the source.

After lunch, which is most of the team described as the best meal they had on this trip (unfortunately I could not overly enjoy it because of the nausea that I was still a real problem) we continued towards the island of Syros and the small village of Finikas. Unplanned afternoon retention on Kythnos has offered us sailing in the dark and the wind to Finikas.

Kythnos Photo: Ivana Kovačević

When you go on vacation, respectively sailing packing like to go for a month times during the day is very hot but luckily durable because of the wind that blows and that you and propels the boat but because as soon as it starts to get dark you need a sweater, jacket, shoes you’re going on a winter vacation. All in all, as long as you take things eventually wear two shirts, one shorts, sweater, jacket and of course swimming. What is important to know and what I had just traveling realized that things can not pack it in a suitcase but in a soft bag. The suitcase is walking around the cabin, blocking the front door, while soft bags happen to be where you left it.

The next day we the wind that was blowing terribly helped more quickly than we thought and hoped we get to Mykonos. A boat is completely twisted to one side, the sails were full. You know that feeling when watching the sailboats race on TV and just want to experience it and feel the adrenaline crazy !? Well, just that feeling.

The same wind that kept us big problems with anchoring at the port, threw us a couple of times very strongly about while but we were able to eventually tie.

Mykonos or translation from Greek – mass of stones or rocky place, is located in the central part of the Aegean Sea and I can not say that one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Beautiful town with white houses, blue windows and doors, paved streets and a symbol of the city – windmills. Again, the other side will welcome you with daily beach parties, the world’s biggest DJ and party by morning .

All I knew before departure, I looked at plenty of pictures on the net and read many articles about the island but when you’re there and when you are available to enjoy them to the fullest, that feeling can not be transferred to the paper, freely you must to feel and experience.

Mykonos Photo: Ivana Kovačević

When you travel to a particular destination can not wait to arrive and enjoy the place you’ve chosen for your vacation. The difference on this trip from the rest is that more means of transport, a boat, you used to enjoy, and while the trip takes. So we are on the way back from Mykonos and driving towards Ermoupoliu lucky enough to encounter dolphins.

Ermoupoli, a small town that is the administrative seat of the Cyclades, the whole shining white marble that is built. You know when they say that before dry bar and where you go after something memorize, well, we definitely will not forget. The port is located in the center of the city, and there on our sailboat. It started with the guitar and our songs and ended with a lot’s of gyros, alcohol, loud music and laughter.

The sun and a new day, breakfast, Greek yogurt with fruit and honey, a little more around the city and we continue to Tzia (Kea).

Ermoupoli Photo: Ivana Kovačević

The wind did not go much on hand or what we say in this situation at the core, we managed to drive a light to the front of the boat sun, to photograph and enjoy the ride.

Otherwise, until the ship is not wise to go downstairs in the cabin because it looks and feels like you’re on a roller coaster.

That night we anchored at a small beach in the bay. That what I enjoyed waking up while you rock the waves mild, wear a bathing suit and jumping into the sea while we are all sleeping.

On the island of Kea (Tzia) beach was sandy, drawn and tucked between the rocks and swim to it until the flames was an invaluable experience and enjoyment.

Kea Photo: Ivana Kovačević

The important thing when you are in the open sea is not your preference, where still traveling, to whom the island still want to sail solely depend on the weather and wind strength is expected. It was announced that is preparing a strong wind and it is better to get closer to land before nightfall. So we headed for the Vouliagmeniu, expensive part of Athens. Luxury resort with fancy clubs, restaurants, cafes.

I noted that we were not able to gather themselves opportunity for sailing, we paid over the sailing club and they have formed our team. We are lucky, we get crazy things with which we laughed all day. Sailing is great but when you want and when you want you have the ability to isolate and enjoy, but you also have the opportunity to the people on the boat is good joke and enjoy the group. I believe that the boat does not go to people who can not fit. Also a big role in this story is skippers. We were driving and pointing us in all the couple skipper who showed us and sent us into their lives at sea.

What does the team we have proved that day in Vouliagmeni where we are the first in the 11 evening after the Serbian, and then at midnight on Greek time, by immense wind on the deck with a guitar greeted my birthday. When you are born in the summer, you have the possibility that the most beautiful destinations in the world welcomes you’r birthday. This sailing I’ll long remembered.

Alimos Photo: Ivana Kovačević

For those seven days, a lot of that I saw, experienced, felt, introduced a new self, which in normal situations on land not notice and do not notice. Meet some new nice people, lose my track of time and enjoy the things that you do not pay attention, and there are around you.

Sun, sea, wind, a smile on her face and a nice person next to you to share all of this, no matter what more wish, invaluable experience. If you are sailing a desire to indulge in this adventure will not be disappointed.


Author: Ivana Kovačević