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So far I have talked and written about a great place and the positive things that I see and experience while traveling. This will be a slightly different text – a travelogue of the planet Earth.

People in Serbia do not know enough about this subject, much less pay attention, and concerns all of us. On trips to meet with a lot of stress on them and pay attention. Somehow increasingly deal with the thought that I clearly and loudly shout to me at least someone heard that at least some began to pay attention and start thinking … What are we doing to our planet remain after us. Unfortunately, the answer is nothing.

My parents taught me to always first start from yourself. Yes, if I change something in your life or do, it affects the other. Of course in his micro world, but this is a topic that affects us all. That’s why I’m writing this article .. May be you who read this text start thinking on this topic.

Since there is our planet’s climate is constantly changing. Once upon a time, changing as a result of changes in natural circumstances. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution to today, climate change emerged as a result of human activities.

Large fires, soil erosion, floods and storms, tropical heat attract the attention of the media and the public, however, we think about them only how to overcome them and survive. Statistical analyzes show that the occurrence of these phenomena increase due to climate change which are directed by people directly.

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Life on the planet was better before people began to massively consume fossil fuel and accumulating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas, which is released by combustion of coal, oil, petroleum and gas, the most significant impact on global warming.

Do not even discuss this topic, but when i think unfortunately, the discussion only on the human species.

Every year, the average temperature on Earth moves around 1° C. If the temperature rises by more than 2° C would lead to dangerous climate change and the devastating impact on wildlife. All the carbon dioxide is in the minerals and organisms, then in oil and coal in the Earth’s crust (fossil fuel). Natural cycle of carbon dioxide maintains the amount of CO2 of the atmosphere in equilibrium. The decomposition of plants, volcanic eruptions releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere where it retains a hundred years. But then again disappears from the atmosphere through photosynthesis of plants and dissolving in water.

Did you know that, if we continue like that pollute the planet, your children and your children’s children will be able to see any coral reef on the planet. I do not know if you’ve ever had the opportunity to see and visit some of the coral reefs, enjoying the colors and beauty of which afford your eyes, the smile that you installed on your face when you dive. Soon, they will no longer exist.

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Oceans, water heating, and the temperature difference between them and the salinity of the initiators of the sea currents and winds, the launch of hot and cold, moist and dry air masses that bring us rain and good weather.

Every day we hear about how the glaciers are melting, growing pollution, climate change, the seasons are no longer what they used to be, and the time seems to have gone completely mad. In other words, our planet is in serious and big problem.

In Africa I met with drought. Do not kill the animals directly drought. If there is no rain, no crops and plants and animals are dying of hunger. It is estimated that the wild species unless they are in the reserves for 15 years begin to die out and disappear.

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An excellent example of the population and the authorities who are concerned about climate change in Canada’s Vancouver. They have introduced a tax on fossil fuels in 2007 which, you will agree, has a direct impact on the population (but on the other hand there are taxes on cigarettes and alcohol). These taxes increased only direct and “educated” to turn to some new, other energies available to us. For the 11 years that this law applies to them, emission of carbon dioxide is less by 15%.

Do you think that climate change will eventually lead to large-scale migration and migration?

I read recently that the biggest part of Serbia until 2050 will be affected by the reduction in total precipitation by about 25%. At the same time, these changes will cause changes in flow regimes of large rivers. Serbia will face significant shortages of water and flow on its southern and central rivers, and will increase the contact of the Danube and Sava rivers, while reducing the water flow on the river Tisa and Tamis. For Serbia, this scenario means the possibility of a certain paradox: simultaneous occurrence of droughts and floods, albeit in different location.

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Scientists warn that changes in rainfall and evaporation associated with climate change can affect the overall likelihood domino effect of prolonged drought and forest fires.

So we have to take action, now, right now. Actions should be aimed at behavior change community in order to prevent any harmful consequences that threaten.

Great heat, fires and floods that “force” tourists from the resort previous seasons, are a direct result of climate change that have become visible to us ordinary people.

I believe in a cleaner and more sustainable world. I am convinced that carbon dioxide has a negative impact on the atmosphere and oceans. The life of our children will be worse if we do not do something. Think about that. Sustainability = the future of our planet.

Write: Ivana Kovačević